Animated Dragonica Star Glove Pointer
analogue picture, printed PVC (Window Graphic), 140x180cm
3 concrete breads, each 32x18x11cm

A chain of 3 stages;
“I really hate pigeons” he says, but this sad death brought us closer to the ceiling; such a simple creature trapped dead in a flying position. A pigeon that cannot fly is not a pigeon anymore. They’re used for many things, trained in the circus or for the old school post. Could’ve this one sent a message to one of us?
The key hanger was a sync’d idea and suddenly became a jewelry for a dead bird; it wouldn’t work if it was any type of bird – this is a pigeon.
It’s forever trapped in time, forever on a mission, with its yellow key hanger on its foot. Being in between its arrival or its departure creates the uncertainty of the location. The only certainty is contained by the still image.

Collaboration work with Arthur Cordier, exhibition view @Vitrine01, U-Bahn Birkenstrasse, Berlin (DE)