In how many languages can you swear, for those 3.999.999 people?, 2019
3 windshields, 3 printed analog images, sticker
variable dimensions

Out of 19.000.000 Romanians 4.000.000 are living abroad

Right there, in the midst of it, yes. I have my banner, my arms are hurting from holding it up. Mom and Dad, did you see me on tv?

(approving gestures, no small talk, an ocean of dedication)

People start screaming and boo-ing, I can't see what's happening but we are all going closer. Ok no, no, stop, we have to turn and run - NOW - cover your face

My tear gland is burning, my nose and my mouth are itching, I spit and cough, and spit again. I'm enraged, my eyes are dripping spicy tears. I'm past refusal, past denial
I'm not from Bucharest, I have no idea where we're running, and this time it seems they're mad, they got orders and they're chasing us. Half of us are leaving, everybody is crying.
Scared faces
The worst thing you can do is get lost in an ocean of people scared for their lives

Yeah, I was there
Yeah, I signed the petition
No, I'm not coming home for good

shown in Susan Bites, The Hague, NL
featured in Jegens&Tevens