Animated Dragonica Star Glove Pointer
All about good or bad. Metaphorical swipes of a generation, 2018
PVC banners (192x260cm; 230x350cm), plastic covers, fans

This work that has helped me find my material, be myself without being afraid, has its funny, troubled, young personality; just like the generation I'm mocking, MY generation, it needs attention in order to be functional. The texts are criticizing superficiality and the absurd, my irritation to extremities and how quickly we "digest" information.
Varying from one sensitive subject to another - feminism, the art scene, body shaming, politics - and using cut out words, these fictive articles require a relaxed mind and sense of humor to be taken in. Seemingly activist, I'm using the back side of advertisement banners and poetic sentences; it immitates something we're familiar with: swiping through our social media.