Animated Dragonica Star Glove Pointer
Try me not, 2017
textile, metal, motorized mechanism; various sizes

All these hands belong to women;
Women tend to be way more inclined towards religion, even the batik on their heads has a religious meaning. However, because of their nomad spirit, foreseeing the future, palm and card readings have always been their preoccupation although considered pagan.
A project through which I get to know myself too, coming from a city with a very long history by the Black Sea and a lot of very present minorities. Having grown up with gypsies around me and listening to other people’s opinions on them made me miss quite some information. And coming from there, being associated to them so often while studying abroad – then I should be the one who really knows what is up.
My main interest is the intersection of hands that happen between us and the Romani women – if we accept their palmreading, then our hand is outstretched between us, in the neutral zone. We expect facts about our future and right after that their hand is entering the neutral zone, asking for money in return. This exchange, or crossing of interests became fascinating to me and as I decided to make my project on them, the situation was reversed. Now we are the ones going to their waiting hands, as I was the one asking to photograph them – do we palm read their hands? Do we shake them? Do we still feel invaded by begging hands?

This is how I found out my last name in Romani means "don't steal".

shown in Nokia's Tagline, Mooof, The Hague