Animated Dragonica Star Glove Pointer
Untitled, 2016; site-specific
metal, dough; 80 x 40 cm

Two situations I noticed during a day inspired me: a ziplock bag laying on the street, in the sun, that contained a yellowish mixture – I immediately assumed it was yeast, waiting to grow - and the people working outside and using a paper roll that had a special stand. I connected these 2 random images from the thousands that I see everyday and it lead to creating a feminine work.
Dough, besides its well known formal aspects, represents potential and process. Combining it with another material, its opposite – metal – the work refers to contrasts: genders, traditional versus modern, adaptable versus stiff, etc.
I challenged myself to make a piece about an obsolete perception of femininity; how everything that means nurturing leads me to a motherly entity, my association to “home” leads as well to food and protection. Nutrire, in latin, has another figurative meaning of ideas, emotions.
The description of “true women” according to the “Cult of domesticity” was actually my own idea about dough: “soft, delicate and weak”. Women were supposed to possess 4 cardinal values: Piety, Purity, Submission, Domesticity (19th century value system among upper and middle classes in the in the UK and the US).
On the floor I placed a piece of flat dough which had to be stepped on; the smell, the feeling under our shoes and the work's aesthetics construct one final emotion. We have a visual memory, an olfactory one and a muscular one as well; my intention is to trigger them in the same time, gently.